Beach Hair (When You’re Not at the Beach)

It’s 100 degrees outside and I’m lazy. It’s not just because all I want to do is take a nap in the sun in my new Marc Jacobs swimsuit. I’m frustrated that this heat wave has shot down any effort I’ve made to look presentable. Aside from the fact that makeup slides off my face in seconds, my hair looks like it’s never seen a straightener. Everyone longs for beach hair – the kind that only celebrities and those we envy can pull off. As of late, it seems I’ve found a cure for my heat-distressed locks. I’d like to introduce my new best friend – Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray.

This $23 spray has completely changed my morning routine. I no longer waste time perfecting short-lived straight hair when I can have tousled locks in moments. After spritzing the product liberally to damp hair, I notice instant lift and body.  By the time I’ve applied makeup and drank my morning coffee, I can brave the heat with a wavy style that’s perfect for summer. Thankfully, this product prevents my locks from turning into a frizzy mess and gives me the confidence to keep my hair down all day long. So for those of you whose hair can’t handle the heat, this Surf Spray is worth the splurge. I know we all don’t have Blake Lively’s  famed beachy waves, but who said we can’t try?

Perfect Beach Hair

To order this amazing Bumble and Bumble product, visit


2 responses to “Beach Hair (When You’re Not at the Beach)

  1. This is the most fabulous glam blog on tha planet. Lauren Fay Street is a geniousss duh!! Such a writing divah queen!!! **Perez needs to watch out** This is stellar!!

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