If Glitter Shoes Aren’t Professional, What Is?

I was recently asked if sky-high Christian Louboutin glitter pumps are appropriate to wear to the office. Since I thought everyone knew that glitter is an absolute no before 9 PM, I was shocked. Because I have no idea where this individual works, I’d like to think that she just wanted to update her professional wardrobe to give it a little more excitement. So if sparkle is out of the question, which it definitely is, how can your work attire be appropriate, stylish, and fun – all at the same time?

Bold colors can spruce up any outfit, but it’s best to use this trend in moderation when you’re heading to the office. Bright shades aren’t typically appreciated in the corporate world, but I think it’s time to start wearing more than just black. JCREW’s colorful Biella Satin High-Heel Loafers pair well with basic suiting, complementing black, brown, gray, and tan styles. This modern take on the classic loafer is popular for fall, especially with its “comfortable” platform heel. Trust me – platforms are much easier to walk in than a stiletto heel, as amazing as those look with any outfit. Not a fan of the strong violet hue? This shoe also comes in a gorgeous green shade, available at http://www.jcrew.com for $295.

If a colored shoe is too much of a leap, statement accessories are perfect to add to any simple outfit. Banana Republic has a great selection of statement jewelry, especially in store. If you don’t want to spend much on trendy accessories, Forever21 is the best store to visit. A few of my favorite online finds:

My closet is full of bold patterns, a trend that can be downplayed with any solid color for the office. Diane Von Furstenburg, a total fashion queen, makes 70’s inspired patterns classy for both work and play. Even though her wrap dresses are a bit of an investment, they are timeless, flattering, and office-appropriate. As with her Linda Wrap featured below, the wrap style pairs easily with tights and boots for colder weather.

A patterned shirt can also do the trick, adding a little zest to your outfit under a suit jacket. Looks I love:

See…there are plenty of glitter alternatives for your office wardrobe. So unless you’re a celeb, fashion maven, or actually that fabulous, the glitter pumps need to work the night shift only.

3 responses to “If Glitter Shoes Aren’t Professional, What Is?

  1. I’ve been perusing your older posts (obviously), but I had to chime in on this, even if I am a few months late…

    It AMAZES me that some people are so clueless about what’s professional and what’s not. Not too long ago, a lifestyle blogger whom I like (and thus won’t call out here) recommended this (adorable) ASOS mini-skirt as “office-appropriate”: http://us.asos.com/countryid/2/ASOS-Stripe-Full-Woven-Skirt/wbaib/?iid=1592864&cid=3149&sh=0&pge=23&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Navy/cream&mporgp=L0FTT1MvQVNPUy1TdHJpcGUtRnVsbC1Xb3Zlbi1Ta2lydC9Qcm9kLw..&MID=35719&affid=2135&siteID=QFGLnEolOWg-JLNIu4r8gOupxXSKOWqb9Q Sorry for the obnoxiously long URL!

    Seriously? The blogger in question just graduated from college and her work experience is mostly in a creative field with all female co-workers, where maybe you could get away with that, but I was terrified that some poor young girl who works in a traditional office with MEN might show up at work one day in freakin cheerleader mini-skirt …

  2. thanks for your comment! the ASOS skirt would be scary for work – a definite no! i hope you enjoyed the looks that i think are okay for the fashionable but professional career girl! xx

    • Your picks were great–totally fashionable and professional. It can be done! I want the shoes from JCrew and the bracelets from Forever21… I never go in F21 because that store makes me feel seriously overwhelmed, but it might be worth it for some cute, cheap jewelry!

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