Popular to Boot

Since my Target pair met their fate last winter, I am on the hunt for a new pair of boots for fall. “But when it’s 90 degrees out?!” (I know that’s what you’re thinking…) Maybe I’m just bored, but if you haven’t noticed it’s already August and the next season is well on its way. Nights will soon be cooler and I’ll hopefully be wearing anything but a sundress and sandals. I’m tired of summer clothes and, while I’m not ready for a blizzard or anything, I want to wear a sweater. Yes, it’s hard to picture right now when I can’t walk outside for more than 20 minutes without wondering if my french bulldogs are going to overheat or not. However, with the constant emails I receive from every store from Saks Fifth Avenue to Nordstrom’s and Barney’s, fall wardrobing is hard to keep off my mind.

Cognac boots are the best accessory for cooler weather, mixing well with jeans, leggings, and dresses. So what exactly is cognac, especially if you can only relate it to alcohol? It’s the perfect mix between tan and brown that pairs well with even black outfits. Since I typically don’t buy chocolate-brown or black boots because I can’t wear them with everything, I splurge on a pair of cognac boots for the season. I’m good at making myself feel better for spending money.

With their amazing selection and excellent service, Zappos.com is my top choice for online shoe shopping. They offer a variety of brands with both low and high price points. With its versatile cognac tone and a zip up the back, Lacoste’s Rosemont boot (who knew they made shoes?!) hits the spot. For $199, it’s less than the Frye boots I lust for, which retail for almost $400.

Lacoste Rosemont Boot

Frye Jenna Inside Zip

Steve Madden Troopa Boot

Though I originally had a taller boot in mind, Steve Madden’s Troopa boot flatters a petite build. I love the lace up look and the color still falls in the cognac range. I risk not being able to pair as many dresses with this shorter boot, but it would definitely complete my typical jean and t-shirt look.

Now that I know what’s out there, I’ll keep my options open and continue looking. It’s best to try on boots in store, but Zappos.com offers free return shipping if that’s just not possible. I’ll keep you updated on what I find; it’s only August, right?


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