Tie-Dye Torture

As if feathers aren’t a big enough hair trend right now, Lauren Conrad has to throw us all for a loop and introduce tie-dyed tips. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ms. Conrad. I still watch “The Hills” (you don’t?), and I’m obsessed with her new venture, thebeautydepartment.com. I just knew that this double-dip color was a bad idea from day one. I’ll admit, it is a cool concept. But I can easily picture the LC wannabes and tweens heading to their local salons, leaving with hair that looks like one big hot mess. I’m just trying to help. So really, why am I bringing this up a month after Lauren debuted the trend? Case in point:

I wanted to purge after I came across this photograph of the usually lovely Kate Bosworth. Maybe I’m being too dramatic, but Kate is looking every sort of not okay. A style icon and one of the best dressed celebrities in my book, Kate is usually on point from head to toe. I’m glad that she and I are on a first name basis since we’re actually that close.

Kate and Lauren, stop the tie-dye madness! You’re torturing your own sense of styles, and probably the hair of everyone who tries to make this a DIY project.


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