Calling All Colors

If one more person ask me who wears colored jeans, I am going to scream. Don’t these people know that everyone wears them? And by everyone, I mean all of the celebs. From the Kardashian sisters to Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham, and Sarah Jessica Parker, colored denim has proved to be a versatile trend in Hollywood. But is it appropriate to wear bright green jeans when you’re, unfortunately or not, anything but a celebrity? Can you pull this look off when you’re not even living in a fashion capital? Not everyone wants to look like a freak.

I get it – this particular trend just doesn’t suit everyone, and that’s probably true. But if you’re willing to try, it’s easy to tone down a bright pant. Colored pants are back this fall and available in some of the prettiest colors yet, from deep aubergine to a dark forest green.

Because color blocking can be difficult, I prefer to match colored denim with solid tops. Black, tan, and white blouses are some of the best wardrobe investments, never failing to mix with even the wildest patterns and colors. Need an example?

J Brand’s 511 Corduroy Skinny Leg, available in a variety of other colors online, is an amazing pick for fall. While dark purple pants aren’t every person’s top choice, it’s a piece that will definitely set you apart in a crowd. In order to look like you know what you’re doing fashion-wise, though, opt for an understated top with this bottom.

If you’re feeling sassy, try a patterned shoe with your look. As long as the pattern meshes well with your outfit’s overall color scheme, you’ll look fashionable and in tune with your closet. A few options that match well with J Brand’s aubergine cords and any of the above tops:

Since you’re dying to grab a pair of colored denim (or cords!) now, where do you go from here? Check out a few of my favorite sites:

Rag & Bone

AG Adriano Goldschmied

J Brand

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