Are You There Shoe Gods? It’s Me, Laurie

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Mary Jane pumps and this reason alone is exactly why I need a pair. My obsession with this classic shoe is beginning to get out of hand, recently ignited after a friend wore a fabulous pair to her birthday celebration. I instantly fell in love with the timeless style all over again and wondered how I could have ever forgotten about it in the first place. Mary Jane’s have been around since as long as I can remember; a comfortable style that was likely the first dress shoe I ever wore. Although the Mary Jane has been modernized over time, it remains easily recognizable with its buckle strap and often-rounded toe. After watching the above Sex and the City episode last night, I am convinced that I’ve received a clear sign from the shoe gods. I’m now on the hunt for a fabulous pair of Mary Jane’s and, as much as I would love to own the Manolo Blahnik version, I need to get real and find something on a discount.

Because I don’t want to look like a memaw heading to church, I’ve been cautious in my search for the perfect Mary Jane’s. Of course my eyes naturally steer toward the black suede Prada’s, studded Balmain’s, and sky-high Miu Miu’s, with every other decent pair being above my unfortunate price limit. What I’ve found so far is limited, but I think I’ve given myself an impossible task. How could I ever compare a Manolo Blahnik to any other shoe? It’s just far too fabulous. And at $645, it should be. Behold the ultimate Mary Jane:

What do you think?

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