Ombré, Ombré

I’m starting to think that my Mother is going to cut off all of my hair in my sleep and dye it herself. She’s still reeling from my decision (yes I am 23) to try ombré color during last week’s trip to the hair salon. So what is ombré, especially if you’re like my Mother and don’t quite understand…

The ombré technique uses gradual color shading to celebrate dark roots and progressively lighter tips. My stylist, a huge fan of the ombré trend herself, described this coloring technique as one that gives off the look of “what your hair probably looked like in the summer when you were 7 or 8.” Since we all strive to be young in some way or another (Botox?), ombré is perfect for when your hair really needs a chemical break. Unlike regular highlights, ombré color is incredibly low-maintenance and requires upkeep typically after six months.

Want to try it but you’re just too nervous? Find a stylist who is experienced with this technique and be sure to bring in a picture of your ideal ombré look, too. This style can be as dramatic as you want it, from bringing out your natural color to adding totally new shades to your tips. But don’t stress and freak out on your stylist if you’re not happy with the final product. This technique is easy to reverse by adding highlights, as if you never even tried the ombré trend at all.


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