Eye See You

I always feel better (and maybe like more of a bitch depending on the day) when I’m wearing a pair of fabulously chic sunglasses. After recently visiting an Anthropologie store, it’s safe to say that I’m now obsessed with their amazingly unique eyewear selection. The moment I walked through the door, I spotted a perfect pair of tortoise cat-eyes that compelled me to quickly find the closest mirror. After a brief debate with myself followed by minor harassment for a second opinion from a sales associate, I finally purchased the sunglasses. I’m still going with the idea that I look more retro than freak when I’m wearing them in public.

While Anthropologie has tons of amazing finds, their accessories section is a real treat if you’re sick of the same old, same old. We all don’t have to wear Ray-Ban’s to be cool, stylish, and the hottest shit on the block.

$24 "Look Sharp Shades"

$24 Inner Circle Shades

$98 Kimball Shades

$278 Catty Vintage Shades

$398 Cheri VIntage Shades

$450 Sokoke Shades By Cutler & Gross

When you’re in need (or in want) of a new pair of sunglasses, take a look at www.anthropologie.com.

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