Miserable in Monochrome

There are some clothes that I just can’t stand. I typically consider black-and-white outfits to be in this category, and no I am not talking about a white shirt with black pants. I’m thinking more like a heinous black-and-white swirled dress that someone would wear to the club. Tweens seem to really like this color combo, be it through an awful rayon tank or too short of a dress. I think I had a terrible past experience with this color mix and, like a grudge, I just can’t get over it. As classic as it is, especially when Marchesa or Valentino does it, black-and-white designs can also look like the farthest thing from stylish. Being such a harsh color combination, black-and-white is sometimes a difficult mix to pull off.

As I cleaned out my closet last night (cue Eminem? maybe not) I realized that I’m actually quite the fashion hypocrite. I have so many black-and-white patterned pieces in my wardrobe, from a checkered Tibi jacket to a striped Parker dress. Like any color combination, black-and-white can be ruined with one fashion disaster. It’s hard to remember how good it can look when you’ve seen something that’s beyond terrible. A few pieces that actually give monochrome a good name:

$398 DVF Nove Long Dress

$429 Kova & T Windsor Cocktail Dress

$570 ALICE by Temperley Evelyn Dress

$198 Free People Paradise Embroidered Dress

$375 Milly Covent Garden Polo Dress

$64 Sauce Henley Long Sleeve Tee

$118 Juicy Couture School Girl Stripe Top

$995 Lela Rose Feather Mini Skirt

$118 Splendid Mixed Stripe Maxi Skirt/Dress

A big thanks to one of my favorite shopping sites – http://www.shopbop.com – for the photos.


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