It’s Not 1998 Anymore

There is a reason why I haven’t been doing my part in the blogging world lately. I’ve actually been in a crazy funk since crushed velvet came back from the dead and shot onto the 2011 fall fashion scene. Kidding on that being the reason I’ve been MIA, but seriously…I tried to like this whole fashion reincarnation for a minute and ultimately decided that it’s just not working for me. I thought that crushed velvet was merely an unflattering trend of the 90’s, forgotten along with the likes of conch shell necklaces and butterfly clips. Reminding me solely of bad Halloween costumes and out of control leotards, crushed velvet is not what I want to see in luxury department stores.

That’s how I got onto this kick in the first place. Now that it’s actually cold and I can feel normal buying seasonal clothing, I took a trip to Neiman Marcus. Even through my pumpkin spice latte-infused haze, I was surprised to see so much crushed velvet on the sales floor. What’s probably most annoying of all is how great this fabric can look in pictures. BEWARE…or just decide for yourself…

$398 Marc by Marc Jacobs Jagz Velvet Skirt

$395 T by Alexander Wang Panne Velvet Long Dress

$675 Theory Long Crushed Velvet Jacket

$656 Opening Ceremony Bernadette Velvet Pumps

$255 Theory Crushed-Velvet Bell Bottom Pants


What do you think?

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