TIGHT(en) Up!

Thanksgiving is unfortunately over and, as my self-inflicted food coma still haunts me, I say a daily prayer to thank God for oversized sweaters. Among other reasons (fur coats, Christmas movies, etc.), winter is my favorite season for its laid-back fashions that permit individuals like me to get away with looking homeless. Ugg boots and obnoxiously large clothing have become a staple of my casual daily wardrobe when I’m feeling cold (as in body temperature) and a bit careless. I like to remember that any outfit looks better with a designer bag…

Opaque and decorative tights are my go-to’s when I have to brave cool weather in a more fashionable way. Since the temperature has taken a tiny turn for the colder, I’ve stocked up on versatile tights to go with both professional and social (bar) outfits. If it’s chilly enough to wear a faux fur hat (yes, I saw that today), then it’s definitely an appropriate time for tights. It’s not even like you have to break the bank; hit up Forever21, H&M, and Gap for the best deals. A few of my favorite accessories to keep your legs warm and winter-weather ready:

$5.80 Forever21 Metallic Chevron Tights

$5.80 Forever21 Textured Diamond Lace Tights

$6.80 Forever21 Sheer Patterned Tights

$10.80 Forever21 Floral Lace Tights

$34 SPANX Reversible Tight-End Tights

$13.50 HUE Mustard Super Opaque Tights

$34 HUE Embellished Stripe Tights

What do you think?

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