Last Minute Santa

I learned a few things this weekend, aside from the fact that wearing a fur cape to a Tennessee bar is not a good idea. It’s also true that eating Sbarro on a plane will make other passengers (me) want to kill you, and you shouldn’t sport a fake Pucci halter dress to a winter cocktail party. I could really go on and on.

With my Mother’s (or the housekeeper’s) holiday decorating skills surrounding me everywhere at home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the gifts that I still haven’t purchased. Because my bank account looks emaciated after too many charges at the airport bar, there’s no way to avoid frugality in finishing up my holiday shopping. Though I would maybe imply it, just because I need to watch my cash more closely doesn’t mean that I can’t find nice gifts. Desperation happened and it turns out that even I can be thrifty.

$10 and Under

$4 C. Wonder Dot Glass Votive

$9.99 Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

$10 Sephora Beauty in a Box Starter Kit Brush Set

$6.80 Forever21 Classic Hinge Cuff

$5.95 Old Navy Women's Twisted Metal Hoop Earrings

$25 and Under

$25 J.CREW Printed Iphone4 Case

$24 C. Wonder Palm Tree Snack Plate Set

$24 Anthropologie Iridescent Petals Frame

$24 Tinley Road Double Bangle Bracelet

$19.99 Oster Electric Wine Opener

$50 and Under

$48 Jonathan Adler Jet Set Coasters

$35 NARS Kabuki Mini Nail Polish Coffret

$50 Gorjana Alphabet Charm Necklace

$50 Topshop Colour Block Cross Body

$48 Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glace Set

All of these great prices make me want to add an extra in the shopping bag for myself. I’m killing my Christmas spirit (if I had any left after visiting a crowded Best Buy on Saturday). Can the holidays just be over already?


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