The Year of the Weddings

My 2012 is going to be filled with weddings. And not my own, but that’s probably a given. There must be a lot of love in the air, because my friend recently informed me that she’ll be a part of five upcoming ceremonies. I’m definitely in denial of my age…

I’ve typically left gift-giving up to my Mom, who always seems to pick out the perfect presents. In the past, weddings have been only a family or friend-of-the family occasion for me. Now that I’ll be attending the weddings of my personal peers, I need to put my own time into gift-giving.

Couples appreciate presents chosen from their registry, and picking an item from there is easy enough. But it’s weird for me to think about only giving a blender to a friend I’ve known for so long. Avoid a too-generic wedding present by including a little something special just for the bride.

Stay Pretty

Providing that she hasn’t pulled all of her hair out already, Philosophy’s “Here Comes The Bride” set is the perfect gift to help a bride chill out. The $35 set includes facial cleanser; moisturizer; perfumed shampoo; bath and shower gel; and a firming body emulsion.

$35 Philosophy Here Comes The Bride Set

If she’s sleep deprived, which all type-a brides probably are, then she’ll definitely appreciate a glamorous eye mask. I also love Ms & Mrs.’ “Bridessentials Kit,” an amazing package that includes 25 must-haves for her wedding day, like hair spray, static remover, and clear nail polish.

$27 Mary Green Kiss the Bride Sleep Mask

$25 Ms. & Mrs. Bridessentials Kit

Beach Bride

If she’s planning a tropical honeymoon, I love the idea of gifting a fun beach bag. Fill it with fun magazines or books to add some entertainment for her travels.

$58 Iomoi Large Canvas Tote

$295 Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Canvas Tote

$225 Tory Burch Nylon Ella Tote

Picture Perfect

Help the bride remember her special day by gifting a frame. I love this classic Kate Spade choice.

$50 Kate Spade Darling Point Frame

If you’ve known the couple for a while, choose an older image of them to put in a nice frame. Stalk Facebook to find a great photograph of them, which can be made more formal if it’s edited to black-and-white. Be sure to spare the party pictures, though.

Miss Manners

With all of the thank you cards she’ll be writing, a nice pen seems like the perfect gift for a bride-to-be. Parker’s new Ingenuity Pen, which is fluid like a fountain pen and as smooth as a rollerball, adjusts to individual writing styles perfectly.

$190 Parker Ingenuity

Whether you spend a little or a lot, your friend will feel special for the mere fact that you went above and beyond just following the registry. It’s the little things in life, right?

What do you think?

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