Travel in Style

I’m sure people around me were at a loss for words for how gorgeous I looked while pushing a 50 pound suitcase through two metro stops this morning. What I would’ve given for someone else to be put through such misery. Alas, today marks my first day of holiday travel and I can’t say I’m thrilled. Of course I’m excited to be somewhere tropical soon, but I’ve got to survive the airport madness first. It would probably help if I felt a little better about my appearance, but I get what I deserve for throwing on a terrible outfit.

In addition to my disastrous clothing ensemble, I wish I could be carrying cuter luggage, too. Instead I’m trolling around the most disgusting suitcase I’ve ever seen. I’ve obviously got some type of weird self-esteem issues going on today.

Travel in style with a few chic pieces that I’d love to tote around:

$178 LeSportsac JOYRICH Large Weekender

$278 Canyon Wheeled Duffle

$235 Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Travel Tote

$445 TUMI Vapor International Carry-On

$179.99 Hartmann Rolling Duffle

$285 Diane von Furstenberg Kaya Print Canvas Tote

What do you think?

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