Scarves of All Seasons

When one of my oldest friends presented me with a beautiful Alice by Temperley scarf for Christmas, I freaked out. Not only was I excited because of my newfound love for the brand, but also due to the simple fact that Pippa Middleton was spotted wearing the same one. Need I say more?

(Thanks Taylor Jane)

I’ve already established that it’s cold on the East Coast right now and, considering it’s only January, things aren’t looking up in the weather department. While winter and I definitely have our differences, I admit that I enjoy cold-weather fashion more than that of other seasons. There’s nothing more comfortable (I didn’t say fashionable) than a cozy sweater and Uggs this time of year.

Instead of investing in a heavy piece that ends up in your closet after winter ends, look around for scarves that are more transitional. Not that a classic wool piece isn’t a great accessory to own, but it’s nice to be able to wear something all year long. Lighter scarves will still give a bit of warmth to your outfit, and even add a pop of color to dreary days. Here are a few that I’d love to wear now AND this spring –

$185 Tory Burch All Over T Scarf

$395 Marc Jacobs Daisy-Print Scarf

$175 Theodora & Callum Palm Springs Scarf

$155 Theodora & Callum Jaipur Fringe Scarf

$250 DVF Snow Leopard Kenley Cashmere Scarf

$59.50 Madewell Mapmaker Storyteller Scarf

$295 Alexander McQueen Skull Chiffon Scarf


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