Plan The Day Away

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be a more organized person. I finally took my Christmas decorations down last night, so I feel like I’m off to a good start. I’m obviously avoiding the fact that it’s almost mid-January. Though perhaps a little late, I also purchased a yearly planner in hopes that I’ll keep track of my plans in one place. Yes I’m aware of all the cool Iphone calendar apps, but there’s something so charming and original about keeping things old-school. It’s true that fun designer agendas are an inexpensive way to stay sane and stylish.

$4.99 Barbie Pocket Calendar

$19.95 Jonathan Adler Flame Agenda

$35 Cavallini Leather Planners

$38 Kate Spade Desk Calendar

$20 Sarah Pinto Dog Weekly Planner

$18 Bob's Your Uncle "8-Days-A-Week Planner"

$24.95 Lilly Pulitzer "Nice to See You" Agenda

2 responses to “Plan The Day Away

  1. I seriously have been scouting different book/stationary stores to find a planner. I’m so nitpicky when it comes to planners, I have to have the month view followed by the days. Crazy? lol. I definitely am going to order this Jonathan Adler planner ASAP!

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