Behold the Bold

I’ve tried to cut my pattern addiction down to a reasonable level, but I find myself drawn to at least one print every time I’m shopping. I just can’t get enough of unique designs that really stand out. Not that I don’t love a plain shirt and jeans every once in a while, but patterns are just as easy to incorporate into your wardrobe if you do it right. Pair bold prints with neutrals in your closet and your outfit is sure to be a hit, no matter where you’re heading.

Perhaps you must be fashionably daring, but striking prints don’t stop at just blouses and dresses. For spring 2012, designers have mixed patterns into everything from jeans to sky-high wedges. Behold a few of my favorite bold pieces –

$425 DVF Koemi Dress

$228 Juicy Couture Prima Woven Flats

$298 Marc by Marc Jacobs Dotty Snake Lil Ukita Bag

$202 Tucker Shirred Camisole

$208 Tbags Los Angeles Combo Dress

$70 Topshop Cutwork Rose Camisole

$565 Missoni 2 Band Platform Slides

$28 Topshop Tropical Print Shopper

$40 Topshop Pastel Geo Tunic

$280 Alice+Olivia Jane Ankle Strap Wedge Sandals


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