Holla for Headbands

If ponytails really are a top new hair trend, then I am in for a treat. I absolutely despise the whole “getting ready” routine, be it in the morning or at night. When it comes right down to it, I’m simply too lazy to straighten my hair all the time. Of course I feel better when I actually put an effort into my general appearance, but sometimes I just don’t have the time. Case in point: yesterday morning when I overslept by almost an hour.

Perhaps this ponytail trend is a good idea, especially if you find yourself in shoes like mine more often than you’d like. It should take seconds, unless you’re hair style-impaired, to create this easy look. Instead of the classic ponytail, as seen here, dress up your look with a headband. From embellished to casual, and at any price, it’s easy to find a versatile headband that fits the bill for many different occasions.

$96 Deepa Gurnani Crystal Scroll Headband

$46 Jennifer Ouellette Satin Elastic Plait

$76 Jennifer Behr Gold Bit Leather Headwrap

$112 Salvatore Ferragamo Sequin Bow Headband

$28 Cara Accessories 'Mod Circles' Headband

$49 Jennifer Behr Accordian Chain Headwrap

$3.80 Forever21 Pearlescent & Seed Bead Headband

$6.50 American Apparel Lamé Shiny Headband


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