This Isn’t Code for Pajama Jeans

I’ve always been a fan of loose clothing. Call me crazy, but I’d rather not flaunt (if that’s even the appropriate verb) a body that hasn’t been to the gym in a while. I’m modest in my clothing choices anyway, so my wardrobe would probably stay the same even if I did have a ripped bod. Regardless, balancing is everything and, while I should coordinate my exercise schedule better, I do follow the rule well in style. It’s never flattering to wear an outfit that’s too tight all over, à la some of my favorite reality TV stars. While I wouldn’t be surprised if others disagreed, it’s just plain true. No one wants to see everything…or anything in some cases.

It wouldn’t be the first strange trend, but dressing in pajama-style clothing has proven popular in fashionista land. With striped prints, satin and silk fabrics, and uber-comfortable slouchy styles, the look is definitely trendier than simply rolling out of bed. I’m actually kind of digging this “bouidor-style” inspiration, if we want to get fancy with terminology, though I know some styles wouldn’t flatter my petite height.

Incorporating this trend into your wardrobe is really hit-or-miss. You’ll look like a hot mess instead of a style queen if you match pieces together in an unflattering way. Balance a loose silk top with a pair of skinny jeans, or vice versa with loose pants and a form-fitting shirt. No one will know if you experiment with pieces in your closet before you leave the house. In fact, take some inspiration from these top picks –

$295 Vince V Neck Tunic

$55 Topshop Mustard Daisy Print Jacket

$258 Joie Charleen Printed Pants

$119 Jenni Kayne Evening Slipper

$465 DVF Sanory Silk-Jersey Jumpsuit

$325 Rag & Bone Pajama Blouse

$172.50 Vince Maxi Tank Dress

$295 Calypso St. Barth Ikat Pant by Georgie

$325 Del Toro X Man Repeller Fancy Flamingo Loafers

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