Kick Away the Cold

I’m in constant denial that it’s winter, and probably because the temperature switches from 60 degrees to 30 below in the blink of an eye. These constant climate changes are really not my cup of tea, since I can never seem to put my finger on what’s appropriate to wear. I complain if it’s too warm and whine if it’s too cold. There’s never any medium ground, both in my attitude and with this insane season.

I’m a fan of open-toed booties for the times when it’s so comfortable outside that you forget it’s January. And when the weather does drop into the lower temperatures? Throw on a pair of tights and rock the open-toed booties you love. It’s just that easy.

Kick away the cold temperatures with one…or all of these stylish pairs:

$395 Loeffler Randall Ollie Open Toe Booties

$835 Maison Martin Margiela Open Toe High Heel Booties

$245 Joe's Jeans Helena Wrap Strap Booties

$249 Elie Tahari Theora Platform Booties

$570 Alexander Wang Noemi Suede Booties

$126 Joie "I Will Survive" Booties


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