Tropical Friday Getaway

Dominican Republic - December 2011

Maybe it’s because Fridays are the start of my weekend, or perhaps it’s just the dull weather outside, but I feel like going somewhere tropical. If I could jet-set anywhere right this very second, I’d take a private plane straight to a tropical location. Be it St. Lucia, Miami, or even Mexico, I’d pack along the best of fashion’s warm-weather items. I’m all over high wedges, colorful prints, and bright handbags. I also love the wide selection of retro swimwear this season. I’m ready to go whenever someone wants to buy my ticket.

Vacation 1


4 responses to “Tropical Friday Getaway

  1. Can you please pack my bag the next time I’m going on a tropical vacay? Not exactly sure when that will be, but I can always dream.The high wedges and bright prints are so perfect.
    ps- I tagged you in my most recent post, check it out for more details!

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