Coin Collection

I own a slightly impressive if not borderline-embarrassing white t-shirt collection. I always have an excuse to buy a new one, especially if there’s a promotion or when I’ve spilled something on my outfit. It’s easy to pair this wardrobe staple with jeans and statement jewelry, even if I’m not in the mood to dress up.

After recently tidying my jewelry collection, or maybe making more of a mess of it, it’s evident that I’ve started a mini-collection of coin-inspired pieces. And I’m not talking about chain-hang-low, rap video version necklaces with massive coins attached. Not so chic. I’m thinking delicate, functional, and gold. Pieces like those shown below go seamlessly with basics, such as my favorite white James Perse t-shirt.

Coin Collection

I love the vintage look of coins, which are incorporated into both fine and costume jewelry pieces. It’s nice that you don’t have to shell out Chanel-esque amounts of money to sport this stylish look, either. Watch out for similar jewelry looks at flea markets and vintage stores in particular. I’ve even come across a great pair of coin earrings at Forever21, which are perfect to wear when I think I might lose something later. But seriously, it’s the overall look that counts. Mix coin jewelry with gold chains and other chunky pieces and you’ll be good to go. Just don’t get robbed.

$63 Ettika Phaistos Gold Coin Necklace

$100 House of Harlow Stack Coin Rings

$18.99 Hive&Honey Layered Coin Necklace

$60 Yochi Alexander the Great Coin Bracelet


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