Fashion Infatuation: Tucker by Gaby Basora

Designer Gaby Basora established Tucker in 2005 with a perfect silk signature blouse. Like this original piece, the brand has matured over time, growing with every new pattern, style, and color. Born and bred in New York City, Tucker continues to be a driving force in the contemporary fashion world, as well as a staple brand in many celebs’ closets.

$294 The Blouse

Even with fantastic and bold prints, Tucker’s pieces still remain timeless. It seems that gorgeous colors and pretty silhouettes just never go out of style. I love the feminine blouses and geniune whimsicality in Basora’s beautiful collections.

$415 Printed Silk Dress

$343 Classic Smocked Mini Dress

$265 Floral-Print Silk Blouse

$403 Floor Length Dress

$250 Printed Silk Top

$391 Silk Mini Dress

$290 Backless Romper

$290 Backless Romper

$189 Combo Camisole

$189 Combo Camisole


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