UK Friday Getaway

I found myself exploring all the hot British sights last year when I traveled across the pond to visit a friend in London. Because I’m royal, I really want to go back. The UK is calling my name again, and maybe right now is the perfect time. I really have a lot of important business to do there. Like I could finally make use of my winter clothes, considering the cold current temperatures. I doubt the London Gods would pull a 63 degree day on me (thanks for that, DC). I’m also fine with the usual sightseeing stuff…eating crumpets all day, afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason, shopping at Harrods, stalking Will and Kate/Gwyneth/Stella/Victoria and David. I could go for some super authentic fish and chips at some point, too.

Traveling is always a good excuse for a new wardrobe. Last time I ventured internationally, my friend laughed at my massive suitcase. I replied to that with a stare. Fashion always takes precedence over airline luggage weights. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?

UK Friday Getaway

Cheers to the weekend, wherever it may take you!


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