Do Your Hair with Davines

It turns out that making long hair look good on a daily basis is actually really exhausting. In desperate need of a trim, I recently told my hairdresser to cut off as much of my hair as he wanted. Before I knew it, I said goodbye to over 3 inches, which is the most I’ve cut in at least a couple of years.

In addition to giving me a new ‘do, my personal hair god also recommended a few products. As we browsed the shelves, I casually admitted that I didn’t have a choice hairspray. Apparently a huge salon sin, my hairdresser scrambled to find the perfect one for my hair, finally settling on Davines’ No 7 Crystal Fixative Lacquer Finishing Spray. With its fancy name and a super-fresh scent, this hairspray produces a firm hold without leaving hair sticky.

$28.50 Davines Crystal Fixative Lacquer

I have to say, I’ve been impressed with this product since I first tried it last week. It’s so unlike any other hairspray I’ve used, and maybe that’s because of it’s light texture. It seems that most of the hairsprays of my past have been gummy and just gross.

Davines recently earned buzz at New York Fashion Week at designer Katie Gallagher’s Fall/Winter 2012 Presentation. My friends at Tractenberg & Co. kindly shared some of the styles created with the help of Davines’ products.

Even if you can’t recreate these gorgeous looks on the reg, it’s convenient to have styling products on hand that will work for both casual and special occasions. I used my new Davines’ finishing spray for a recent cocktail event, as well as just before heading to work. If you don’t take my word for it, try a product (or two) for yourself. Learn more about Davines different products here.


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