Too-Posh Polish

I couldn’t help but feel a little nauseous after it was reported that Rihanna shelled out $5,000 for her Grammy manicure. While the star’s sleek look was one of my favorites of the night, I can’t say that I actually noticed her nails. Sorry?

The luxe (and pricey) shade of gold that Rihanna donned, called Amor 24, is the creation of Red Carpet Manicure. This $5,000 polish packs a full ounce of 24-karat gold into one bottle, perfectly matching the two collaboration-based Grammys Rihanna took home this year.

If you can’t wait for Red Carpet Manicure’s $10 take on Amor 24 to be released, there are plenty of other, more affordable options available. Maybe they’re not pure gold, or even shimmery for that matter, but polishes that could be just as glamorous really do exist. With its long-lasting shades and beautiful variety of colors, essie takes the cake for my favorite nail polish brand. In strong anticipation of spring, I’m loving this brand’s pink, purple, and orange hues.

$8 essie "orange, it's obvious"

$8 essie "french affair

$8 essie "tour de finance"

$8 essie "tart deco"

$8 essie "ole caliente"

$8 essie "playdate"


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