Cosmetic Clean Out

Bed Bath & Beyond changed my life yesterday. What I thought would be a quick trip instead turned into a self-guided tour of every nook and cranny in the store, which proved to be the perfect example as to why I shouldn’t have an extra day off from work.

One colorful shower curtain, a designer trash can, and multiple drawer organizers later, I left Bed Bath & Beyond in a shopping-infused haze. Previously unaware that Diane Von Furstenburg’s DVF Studio line was sold there, I couldn’t help myself from purchasing brand-new bathroom items. In shades of purple and tan that already matched my previous bathroom decor, I’m still telling myself that the set was meant to be. And definitely worth the low price for a fabulous, fun, and now well-integrated DVF print.

Perhaps my favorite purchase from yesterday, as much as I’m also obsessed with my new WoodWick candle, is the acrylic cosmetic organizer I discovered. Storing my makeup underneath the sink always left me in a mad search for even my most-used products. In search for a better method of cosmetic organization, Bed Bath & Beyond answered my beauty prayers.

Whether I use them daily or only for special occasions, all of my cosmetics are now readily accessible. And with plenty of room on the bathroom counter, my new organizer isn’t in the way. I now have rule over lipsticks I forgot about and the eyeshadows I once died to use.

Although I uncovered many treasures while cleaning out my cosmetic case, some products were way past due for their date to the trash can. As much as I hated to part with certain designer beauty items, it was more importantly a matter of cleanliness and sanitation. I referred to The Style Mogul’s chart on when to trash even your most coveted makeup products:

Something’s in the air and it’s not my Chloé Eau de Parfum. Recent pretty days and a lack of snow make me believe that spring is finally coming, thus inspiring me to be a little more productive. Whether it’s spring cleaning or a bad case of OCD, being a little more organized isn’t such a bad thing, especially for my beauty routine.

Be it an acrylic organizer or in a designer bag under the bathroom sink, how do you keep your cosmetics organized?


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