Oxford (Shoe) Obsession

Naples, Florida

When I wasn’t on the boat last weekend or drinking wine that costs more than $3, I was shopping. And not necessarily to buy everything in sight, but also to check out retail’s newest spring arrivals. With Florida’s temperatures reaching the high 70’s on Saturday, going to an outdoor shopping center seemed like the perfect way to enjoy the sun. Or maybe it was more so an excuse to lust over designer items, since it’s obviously better to browse those things in person.

I snagged some floral, spotted a lot of neon, and tried on peplum that just didn’t work, but above all my favorite item was found at Cole Haan. I never realized how much fun the oxford shoe could be, especially in patterns and colors that would all be great assets to my closet.

$178 Cole Haan Alisa Oxford

$178 Cole Haan Alisa Oxford

$158 Cole Haan Kody Oxford

This menswear-inspired shoe is perfectly casual and works well with pants, shorts, and even dresses. They’re comfy and great for walking, too. Of course you don’t have to look manly to wear oxfords, and I really hope that’s a given. I love the way Taylor Swift paired her oxford flats with a day dress and tights.

Cole Haan isn’t the only designer who features this trend, but it’s definitely one of my personal favorites. Many of their shoes are made with Nike Air technology, which can be translated to mean that their heels are a hell of a lot more comfortable than others. If you’re just not convinced that the oxford flat is feminine enough, it may be more your style when it’s paired with a heel.

$175 Marc by Marc Jacobs Women's Squer Pump

$70 Rockport Women's Sasha Brogue Oxford

$945 Manolo Blahnik Colorblock Spectator Sandal

$1095 Christian Louboutin Serena Lace-Up Sandal

2 responses to “Oxford (Shoe) Obsession

    • stuart weitzman’s are great, and it’s always nice to find a pair on sale! though neutrals are always a good choice, i think i prefer color oxfords. they are a cool and fun addition to any outfit!

      thanks for reading! xx

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