The Secret’s Out

A fashionable friend, though sadly not SJP or LC, recently let me in on the secret to creating the most gorgeous top bun. What could be called beauty-based magic, a top bun can quickly transform an unruly mane into something super-chic. But when there’s no time to spare, what’s a girl with bad hair to do? That’s when the hair donut comes into play.

I’ll definitely admit that the hair donut looks strange, and I’d probably be hesitant if I hadn’t witnessed its wonders firsthand. I swear I’m not a crazy person. In fact, I’m now a firm believer in this totally underrated tool.

Using the hair donut is easy, and of course available in a variety of different colors. To start, brush your hair into a pony tail at the height of your choice. The donut is fabulous for a low chignon or, as to my preference, a high bun. After you make that weighing decision, secure your pony tail and wrap the donut around its base. Following its bun shape, pin your hair to completely cover the donut. And there you have it. That’s it.

St. Patty's Day Top Bun

Jennine of The Coveted makes creating this style easier to understand with her photo tutorial:

So the next time you want a chic look, or oversleep and don’t want bedhead, make the hair donut your beauty savior of choice. Share the secret after you buy your own hair donut here!


One response to “The Secret’s Out

  1. I love this little trick!! I’ve been using a tie-dye green cloth headband that i got for free with one of my modcloth purchases, but the color coded hair donut will probably work much better. i am totally all for being a lazy fashionista 🙂

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