Fashion Infatuation: Heidi Merrick

Bright colors, comfort, and originality are a few of the qualities I seek when shopping for new clothes. So when a friend introduced me to the works of Heidi Merrick, a California-based clothing designer who incorporates retro-styles, tailored shapes, and luxurious fabrics into her cool collections, I was excited to check her out. And when my friend also mentioned that certain celebrities are big fans of Merrick’s designs, I became even more interested. Duh.

I easily breezed through Merrick’s S/S 2012 collection, available both here and here, quickly realizing that her pieces are easy enough for the everyday woman to wear. While it would be amazingly convenient to look like Demi or Jessica, Merrick’s styles are classic and flattering for those of us who don’t hit the gym everyday. What’s even better is that this designer manufactures everything in her downtown Los Angeles studio, from the colorful dresses to her chic bedspreads, pillows, and throws. I wanna be just as California cool in these Heidi Merrick designs:

$437 Huntington Dress

$207 Peach Board Tee

$312 Driving Skirt

$392 Dora Dress

$525 Marie Dress

$762 Nude Fountain Dress


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