Complete Closet Takeover

With Bravo’s Saturday lineup blasting from my TV and a glass of red wine in hand, I was ready for a complete closet takeover. I finally braved the attempt to incorporate bright spring clothes into my fashion-filled mecca, which was previously inhabited by a dull winter mix. Inspired by the recent warm temperatures, it felt like the perfect time to push wool sweaters and dark colors far underneath my bed. And all in Ziploc storage organizers, of course.


But it wasn’t easy, and my closet space definitely didn’t look this clean(?) from start to finish. Considering that it’s only March, cold weather could haunt my spring awakening at any given moment. And while I was slightly distracted by Andy Cohen’s brilliant programming, picking and choosing between the pieces of my seasonal wardrobes still proved to be difficult.

And so I decided that light knits will become my staple until it stays warm for good. In fact, I’m wearing one right now, and for a 58 degree day it’s really the perfect choice. Light knits, much like my picks below, look the part of winter but still remain comfortable as temperatures rise. They’re great for layering, too!

$297 Alice + Olivia Kremer Drop Needle Sweater

$248 Marc by Marc Jacobs Chianti Sweater

$65 Madewell Carrington Pullover

$255 Le Mont St. Michel Pullover Sweater

$298 DVF Ahiga Bis Sweater

$188 Splendid Salt Lake Melange Sweater


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