Suri Style

If I admitted to any normal person that I want to trade places with a five year old, they’d probably judge me. But what if I specified that it wasn’t just any child? I’d like to think that I’m not a freak when I say that I’d gladly take the chance to be Suri Cruise for a day. Girlfriend’s got it going on in the style world, especially considering that she hasn’t even been alive for a decade.

Suri regularly sport designs by Little Marc Jacobs, 3.1 Phillip Lim Kids, Chloé, and D&G Junior, which further proves that she’s not a real human being. Perhaps my favorite aspect of this child’s existence is that she can shoot side eye like it ain’t no thing. Suri was born to be a bitch and I love her even more for it.

I don’t care that her parents are famous. I’m more obsessed with the fact that Suri can accessorize better than me. I’m pretty sure I was a hot mess at her age but Suri is definitely the best dressed child in history.

Creepy or not, Suri Cruise is indeed a mini style icon. And I think she also applies her lipstick better than I do. Given the chance, I’d take her wardrobe and run.


5 responses to “Suri Style

  1. Seriously right!? I want to say this girl has style…but most likely she too young for that, so it’s probably Katie? Either way, I’d wear some of these outfits if they came in my size too!!

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