Time to (Self) Tan

It’s finally the time of year to start wearing dresses, shorts, and skirts again. With warm weather also comes the responsibility to keep bare legs from looking pale, and laying in the sun for hours sadly doesn’t cut it for me. Since tanning beds are so 2006, I like to rely on natural Vitamin D when I have some time to spend in the great outdoors. Or just by a pool.

I usually take my cosmetic impulses out at Bluemercury, where I never leave with just one product. During my most recent trip, I decided to purchase St. Tropez’s Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, along with a few other beauty necessities.

Because I’ve never wanted to risk an orange outcome, I’ve always been picky about experimenting with self-tanners. My newest Bluemercury friend immediately vetoed the Tantowel for its supposedly-orange effects, and I soon left with the only other product in consideration. An avid fan of St. Tropez products himself, he recommended applying the bronzing mousse before bed. Leaving the quick-drying product on the skin overnight apparently allows for better and darker results. In hopes of making my self-tanning experience as legit as possible, I also purchased St. Tropez’s reusable Application Mitt.

After getting home and exfoliating with Jurlique’s Body Exfoliating Gel, I sat down to finally sample the bronzing mousse. If you’re desperate for a tan but also a little hesitant, trying this product out only on your legs might be your best bet at first. Especially during the earlier spring months, aka right now, it’s easy to hide bronzing-related mistakes with pants or tights.

I can’t claim that this mousse is a super-gorgeous product because it actually looked gross on the mitt. However, its dark hue was definitely a plus during the application process. I blended the visible color onto my skin and was able to avoid streaks easily. I’ve heard of other self-tanners that are colorless until they dry, which is not so good for those of us who are mistake-prone.

Although the mitt was a helpful tool, I found that I still needed my hands to eliminate all potential lines and streaks. Thankfully, this product has little artificial smell and came off my hands with one quick wash. St. Tropez claims that their bronzing mousse dries in 60 seconds, so I thankfully didn’t have to worry about it staining my clothes.

The next morning, I woke to my legs looking visibly tanner, and not in the fake kind of way. I’d like to think it was a nice golden glow. I wore pants and tights over the cold weekend anyway, but it felt great to find a product that will be useful once it’s warm for good.

Do you have any self-tanner favorites?


4 responses to “Time to (Self) Tan

  1. Thanks for this review! I was debating whether I wanted to buy it or not, but I think I will go get one after work today.

    LOL it looks.. like.. poop on the mitt? Would you say i wouldn’t have to go for the mitt and just use my hands?

    lovely blog! 🙂


    • that’s what i thought, too – not necessarily the prettiest product ever created. if i could go back, i probably wouldn’t have purchased the mitt. you’ll be fine with just your hands, though it may take more time to wash off. let me know if you like the product and thanks for reading! xx

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