Not So Simple Shades

I stopped in my tracks this morning after spotting a lady wearing these Prada shades. Though I was actually just waiting in line for my first dose of caffeine, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by this accessory on someone other than a model. These whimsical sunnies have indeed been around the fashion block, spotted not only in Vogue but also on style mavens like Kourtney Kardashian and Eva Mendes. And when something is worn by one or all of the Olsens, I’m immediately a fan.

I came to love my coffee friend even more after she complimented my top bun. I guess it was nice to not stare at her like a silent creep anymore. And when I responded with how much I died for her glasses, she acted like they were no big deal. She was totally nonchalant, and perhaps that’s how it should be when you rock such a fierce accessory.

From ladies who lunch at an expensive restaurant to a casual coffee run at illy, Prada’s “Baroque” Round Sunglasses are the perfect statement accessory for your face. And probably the next item I’ll be spending my paycheck on?

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