Fresh Face

I really love the look of natural makeup. There’s something to be said about covering flaws in a way that’s not too overdone; a technique that actually takes talent to perfect. For one, it’s difficult to find the best beauty products for your complexion, especially with such endless selections in every cosmetics store. For a more low-key look, I’m a fan of this NARS blush, as well as this duo eyeshadow.

Lipgloss is where things get tricky for me. I’m pretty certain that I’m a lip product addict, especially when I think about the number of glosses I own. From bright to shimmery, and then those that are a bit more calm, I likely have a lip color for every possible situation. The natural look definitely calls for a more subtle product, and I’m liking looks that exude a pretty, rosy flush.

When I visited Sephora last week on a replenishment run, I was surprised with a birthday gift that included two lip products by Fresh. Not only did the celebratory kit offer Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment, a best-seller that moisturizes, protects, and smoothes the lips, but it also contained their Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment. After sampling it, I found that the latter product left a perfect shade of rosy tint on the lips. This Sugar Rose treatment, which includes black currant oil and vitamins A, C, and E, smells amazing, too.

Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment is available in other colors, such as Plum, Honey, Coral, and Passion, but I’m partial to the Rose right now. An easy product like this makes the natural, “I’m not wearing any makeup but I am” trend super attainable and simple. The Rose color is so sheer that you don’t even need a mirror to apply it, so you can keep the look going all day (or night) without a hassle. Fresh, natural, and free (or at least it was for me)…I’ll take it.


5 responses to “Fresh Face

  1. Sugar Rose Lip Treatment is one of the best lip balms ever! Too bad it’s nearly $30 a pop. I still splurge and buy it sometimes though. 🙂

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