Miss Manners

Because being polite will always be in style (thank you Mom), at least one set of stationary should always be on hand. You never know when you might need to thank or congratulate someone, and there’s sadly not always a great card selection at the local pharmacy. Surprisingly or not, I sometimes enjoy sending cards just to say “hi;” an event that happens more frequently when I really love my stationary. Whether or not you personalize your cards or buy them generically, it’s not such a bad idea to invest in signature notes that are thoughtful and unique.

$48 GADABOUT Personalized "Why Put Off Till Tomorrow, What You Can Do Today"

$12.50 Paper Source "Convo Bubbles" Thank You Notes

$14 Crane&Co. Goldfish Notes

$8 C.Wonder Rollover Teacup Charm Notecards

$18 Rifle Paper Co. Assorted French Cards

$25 Kate Spade "Snail Mail"

$24 Night Owl Paper "Red Rosette"

$16 Rifle Paper Co. "Great Dane"

$7.99 Gartner Studios "Thank You"

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