Run for the Rocco

If there was a fire in my apartment, I’d grab my Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel first. Actually, I’d run for my two french bulldogs and then the purse. Regardless of the catastrophic hope-that-it-never-happens scenario, this bag has become my handbag in crime – an accessory that always seems to blend perfectly with every look. I might freak out without it.

Once in incredibly high demand, Wang’s Rocco Duffel solicited a waiting list of 400+ at Barneys’ in 2009. I snagged mine on sale the next year at Hampden Clothing, where the chic sales associate assured me that I wouldn’t regret paying the still sky-high price. And I haven’t looked back, for this bag has been especially good to me. Its classic shape allows for plenty of room, and the silver studded hardware adds quite the original flare. The black leather is still in amazing shape, even after the usual wear and tear of a bag that’s been used for a few years.

Wang has updated the classic Rocco with new colors, textures, and hardware. Though I don’t know if I could bring myself to love another as much as my black one, I obviously wouldn’t turn a different free one down. The citrus color is gorgeous, and I’m also loving the neutral beige. And while it’s beautiful, I wouldn’t be caught dead with the white one – that’s just a mess waiting to happen.


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