NY, I Love You

Even though it’s only Tuesday, of course I wish it were still the weekend. This unpleasantly dreary mood I’m feeling comes around pretty much any time I can’t do whatever I want, but it’s worse when I’ve had a particularly great break from real life. I guess I’m talking about the times that make my existence even more unreal than usual.

I conveniently landed myself in NYC last weekend, where I enjoyed three days of shopping, drinking, and especially delicious food. And I’m not just referring to the late-night pizza slices, but also all of my meals in between. Oh, and my friends. They were part of the fun, too.

Since I can’t go to New York without taking at least 20 new profile-picture worthy photos, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. I recently starting using Instagram; an app that’s readily available for whenever I’m having a hipster moment or when I take a crappy picture and need to re-edit it. If you don’t know already, Instagram is a photo-sharing service for those iPhone and Android phone users who take pics on the reg. But you’re not out of luck if you can’t download this free service. Subscribe here to stay current with my latest and always greatest Instagram moments.

There is nothing better than a Ladurée macaroon. Or two. And it doesn’t hurt that there’s a French Bulldog on some of their merchandise.

Was the Caramel with Salted Butter my favorite? Or the Raspberry? What about all of them were good?

My food tour continued with an amazing lunch at Fig & Olive, made complete by the appearance of a beyond-fab friend.

Pedicabs make me nervous but the views aren’t bad.

An afternoon of shopping was made a little more posh by visiting the Holland & Sherry Bespoke in Soho.

The garden behind their speakeasy-like store was also a nice little touch.

Cool friends and a cool collar from Zara are all I need for a fun night out.

A scrumptious chicken pot pie from
The Lion (and bites of their “Special Blend” Burger with pork belly) made for an amazing dinner.

Drinks and fun jams at the always-glam Fiddlesticks Pub & Grill.

Can Cinco de Mayo ever be properly celebrated without a taco costume and sombrero?

For those of us who didn’t have a food-inspired costume to don on the holiday, party pants suited just fine.

Drop-dead delicious guacamole at
Burrito Loco.

We share a mutual love for tacos and celebratory holidays
and Pastafina pizza.

And when all is said and done, you celebrate the weekend’s end with another good meal. The Croque-Madame on Almond NYC’s brunch menu was to-die-for.

Here’s to looking forward to next weekend, no matter how many days away it is.


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