Chicest of the Chic Chignons

I’ve recently been pinning away in search of the perfect bridesmaid updo, shying away from anything that screams wedding hair. If this reference doesn’t make sense, I’m talking about crazy curls, overdone hairspray, and any tacky style that reminds me of prom circa 2002. With less than one month until the union of two good friends, time seems to be quickly closing in on all the small details. The high neck of the chosen bridesmaid dress requires hair to be pulled away from the neck; a clear calling for a classic updo, if you will. As much as I love a good top bun, I think I need a professional to take over this time.

Since it’s obviously not okay to take any attention away from the bride, a chignon seems to be the perfect understated style to recreate. While it can be overdone, it’s also possible to style in a way that’s a bit more calm. Pinterest is a fabulous tool to use for wasting time finding ideas on anything from new beauty tips to home decor looks. Follow your favorite girl (aka me) here, and let me know if you have any wedding hair ideas below!


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