My Thoughts on White Denim

I used to hate white jeans. Now I like them. The times have changed and, along with a recent turn in warmer weather, I feel inspired to pull my white denim from the deep depths of my closet. It’s close enough to Memorial Day, right? Yes, I still follow that rule.

While bright colors and fun patterns are two of my favorite things, I also love the combination of white with more neutral hues. It’s hard to go wrong with basics, or at least some sort of updated version of the original. White denim never looks so good when it’s paired with soft beiges and “Earth tones,” so to speak. Add a little sparkle into the mix and the outfit is really set.

During a casual Sunday tour of a local mansion last night (not real), I found style inspiration in their beautiful vintage chandeliers. There’s something about these fixtures’ bright sparkle and cool originality that needs to be recreated in my wardrobe asap. I think I’m probably being too deep right now.

A few of the visual inspirations that are tempting me to invest in more white denim, and perhaps even a diamond chandelier, too…


6 responses to “My Thoughts on White Denim

  1. I used to hate white jeans too! They can definitely change an entire outfit and they look great with bright Spring colors. Great post.


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