Parasol Picks

It’s something that I never think about until it’s right in front of me. And what’s worse is that I’m always reminded in inclement weather when I already feel like a wet dog. Get to the point? I never imagined umbrellas to be so fashionably fabulous until last night.

I’d like to call what I saw a parasol since that sounds so much more gorgeous than umbrella. It’d be creepy to admit that this accessory made my rainy walk better, but I did feel like snatching the clear plastic one (90’s chic I swear) from the owner’s hands. It was this one, if you’re on the edge of your seat.

But if I couldn’t carry this particular Felix Rey pick, which isn’t true since I just bought it, I’d definitely stand in the rain for at least one of these:

Lulu Guinness Birdcage Red Lips Umbrella

Kate Spade Japanese Floral Umbrella

Bloomingdale’s Little Brown Umbrella


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