Rational Reasons

To say that I’ve been uninspired is an understatement. I feel like all I’ve done lately is indulge in food and fabulous meals as i go to grab another plate right now. Or maybe my lack of creative enthusiasm is due to the unreal heat that’s taking over Washington, DC as we speak. Okay, it’s really just the food.

As I eat my way through the nation’s capital, I’d like to think that I’m also doing my body some sort of good by walking my dogs on the reg. Total leisure and exercise do exist in unison. However, with the walking and the french bulldogs and the way too-hot weather comes me having to carry LOTS of shit stuff around. Supplies include a travel water bowl, a Fiji water bottle, sunglasses, everything that’s stored in my daily purse, etc. So I need a nice tote to support join me? I really don’t think I’m being too unreasonable…

$169 Zara Graded Shopper

$495 Tory Burch Georgina Perforated Patent Leather Tote

$185 Longchamp Reptile Tote

$98 Cole Haan Jitney Canvas Colorblock Tote

$225 Rebecca Minkoff Cheetah Canvas Tote

$198 kate spade new york ‘Daycation – Harmony’ Tote

I love how I just connected shopping and eating. Always the rational one. But when you walk with two gorgeous animals, and also behave like the servant that I am, it’s true that you’ve gotta look good yourself. Am I being delusional all in the name of a new handbag?


3 responses to “Rational Reasons

  1. Depends how much you’re willing to spend. Liz Claiborne has exelcelnt quality bags, especially her patent ones. My mom has had one for over a year and it’s in PERFECT condition still. Plus, because her purses are very affordable, you could also get a matching wallet, and pulling out the matching wallet for a great purse feels fantastic! If you’re looking to spend more, Coach has timeless pieces that last for AGES. Trust me, you can never go wrong with a brown/black coach tote!

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