what i’m loving {today}

I feel like a cosmetics fiend and I think it’s actually becoming a problem. However, I have someone else to thank for a recent beauty pick, and it’s Lara from the glossarie. I easily convinced myself that I had to try one of her latest features, Sara Happ & M-61’s special edition lip scrub for Bluemercury.


When I last visited Bluemercury, it was on the condition that I was only to buy tinted moisturizer. Not surprisingly, I exited from the store with something additional that I did not need. Attracted to its lemon, mint, and cucumber flavor, I chose this new summery lip scrub. And for the record, it.is.amaze.

I’ve used other Sara Happ lip scrubs in the past, but this particular flavor really is fantastic. It’s light and refreshing, and quite the nice switcharoo from Happ’s brown sugar scrub that I used to own. I’m either too quick to obsess or this product is just that good. While it’s probably a mix of the two, Happ’s lip scrubs are widely known and loved, making new users “wonder how they ever lived without it.”


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