Luck of the Cheetah

I’ve received so many compliments on what is really a simple Forever21 button up that was purchased on a whim for $17.80. Feeling too lazy to try anything on at the store that day, I picked up this gem and some other things that didn’t fit and was out the door. I never thought that this could be one of my favorite summer tops.

It really is possible to uncover great steals when you least expect them. I’ve worn this top to work, to play, to walk, to eat, to everything.
And I don’t think my luck has ended with Forever21, or at least for now. This retailer continues to offer up cute, affordable and non-cheetah pieces that can easily be part of your next outfit.

$19.80 Forever21 Dotted Swiss Sweetheart Dress

$22.80 LOVE21 Layered Crepon Skirt

$24.80 Forever21 Abstract Retro Zippered Dress

$22.80 Crochet Knee Length Dress

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