What I’m Loving {today}

How was I unaware of this blush palette’s existence before my daily visit to Sephora.com this morning?

These bright shades unite to make NARS’ new “Foreplay” collection, a fun and full palette of cheek candy. This set not only offers NARS’ famed “Orgasm” blush, but also a peach matte color, a gold highlighting blush, and a pink matte shade. It’s already a no brainer that this palette is diverse, but at $49 it’s a steal, too. Especially when you consider the fact that a single NARS blush retails for $28…
So if you’re on the hunt for new blush(es), give this limited-edition NARS sampler a shot. These colors allow room for experimentation, and the high pigment of each shade is excellent for long wear. I invested in my own just now, but are you really surprised? Couldn’t resist.

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