To the Rescue

I’m usually a psycho about chapstick. As in if I forget it at home, I’ll go buy a new one wherever I can. Demand a CVS or Walgreens pitstop; there are no limits. I was pleasantly surprised with Wet n Wild’s Strawberry Juicy Lip Balm. A gifted product from a few weeks back, I hadn’t tried it until an emergency came along. And by emergency, I mean I had left my usual lip balm behind.

Though I was originally hesitant about the larger size of the balm, it actually glides on easily. There’s no mess as I imagined, and the light, fruity scent and sheer pink color is just my style.
The best part about this product? It’s less than $3 at your local drugstore. For that price, you could try all of the flavors – cherry, raspberry, watermelon, and yes, my pick – the strawberry.

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