Master of Moving

What have I been doing for the past week? Packing. Moving. Unpacking. And then repeating most of these steps to make my new apartment as much of an organized and liveable space as possible.
My obsessive compulsive disorder kicked into high gear when I began this daunting task of relocating two blocks down the street. What was once last week exciting is now losing its glimmer. Moving is never, ever fun – and don’t try to tell me it is – but at least I came out halfway with a few good tips.
Pack Similar Items Together

…Like all of my amazing DVD seasons.
Label Boxes Correctly

Accurately marking my boxes has already saved me so much time. And while it should maybe be a no brainer, there were times when I wanted so badly to throw random shit stuff altogether. Concentrating similar items will make unpacking less of a pain, and proper labels – as messy as they may be – will help to get everything in place.
Donate What You Don’t Need

Creating an ongoing, flexible pile of donation items was important, at least for me. It’s always nice to help someone out, and consolidating donations makes it that much easier to transport to the appropriate center.
…And Then Treat Yourself to a Drink

Like anyone, I can speak to the fact that moving is exhausting. So treat yourself to a glass of champagne to celebrate the haul, even if you’re not quite done yet. It takes a while, right?

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