Bulldogs and Brews

I can’t remember more beautiful weather in DC than yesterday’s climate. Warm enough for a sweater yet not uncomfortably cool, it was the perfect time to perch by the Potomac.

As surprising as it may or may not be, weekend activities aren’t always about Pete and Murphy. Aside from dog parks and chic pet stores, it can be tricky to incorporate them into everything I do. So when the idea to visit Georgetown was born on Sunday morning, I couldn’t resist toting them along for the walk.
Our first stop was Baked & Wired, which serves up the best baked goods in Georgetown, including their pumpkin bread and chocolate cupcake that I sampled. If sweets isn’t quite your thing, their specialty coffee and tea drinks will be. I tried the seasonal “Chaider” twice – a sweet blend of apple cider and chai that’s seasonally delicious. Luxury liquid at its finest, if you will.

The line can be long, but Baked & Wired offers outdoor seating that we luckily snagged. Pete and Murphy attracted plenty of attention near a pink parked bike, where they could be supervised but weren’t too close to beg yet still managed to whine loud enough for a treat.

This cozy coffee joint is a mere walk away from Georgetown Waterfront Park – an outdoor space that seems consistently packed with activity. There are quiet spots and places to people watch, both of which suited yesterday’s mood. Pets are welcome and, though I’m not that sure alcohol is, it was nice to enjoy a concealed brew.

Time flies when you’re having fun, or when you’re just sitting still; enjoying yourself nonetheless. We left the park tired – that is, my friend, Pete, Murphy, and me. But most definitely Murphy.

This waterfront spot is on my list to visit again, though next time with a book and of course a Baked & Wired treat. And the frenchies too, if they’re lucky.

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