Frenchie Friday: Mattress

I recently hosted out-of-town friends for a girls weekend in the city. However, seven ladies in one apartment with just a queen bed meant that two air mattresses were a necessity. At least we were able to create a giant lounge in the middle of my living room.
With that comfy creation came two animals that couldn’t or wouldn’t keep away from it. I think Pete and Murphy now want a permanent air mattress all for themselves.


Their partial reality check didn’t set in until both mattresses were deflated and put away, yet they lingered around in hopes that maybe one would reappear. Keep dreaming, frenchies…

One response to “Frenchie Friday: Mattress

  1. Hahaha, too funny. My Lola has a huge bed, too big for a 4 pound chihuahua if you ask me but it never seems like it’s enough for her. Every time we have people over have an air mattress out for our guests, she loves it.

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