Frenchie Friday: BarkBox

When my friend gifted Pete and Murphy a BarkBox subscription last Christmas, I may have been the more excited one. As any pet owner should, I love buying new products for my dogs, be it toys, bones, or even beds. Perhaps it’s retail therapy shining through in a different light.
Lucky for me, the team at BarkBox has me covered with at least a few surprises for my frenchies. Every month, I receive a box in the mail with four or more products, which range from all-natural treats to hygiene products and shampoos. If there’s a particular goody that’s been popular, BarkBox already includes a write-up of the products with the website address of each so that I can order separately later.
I couldn’t resist letting the boys check out their latest shipment, and Murphy beat Pete right to the box.


One of their favorite products – or shall I say a well received one – was the Gut Health Dental Chew Sticks by Get Naked. Pete and Murphy were also taunted by a new toy, which was another big hit.


Interested in subscribing to BarkBox on behalf of your dog(s)? Visit their website here, where you can register quickly by choosing your pet’s size and your desired subscription term. Monthly, 3-month, or 6-month plans are available – plus there’s free shipping. I should also add that 10% of all proceeds go toward supporting a rescue group, which is definitely something to rave – or bark – about.

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